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The world was once ruled by a major Empire of humans who worked alongside the other races of halfings, dwarves, and elves. The empire splintered due to geographic differences. One side wanted to focus on rich new trade and the far away lands that they were developing. The other side wanted to stick to the old ways and dealt with heavy taxation to keep the nobles comfortable.

While the two sides squabbled, dark forces of magic and monsters constantly sought to grow in power. They threatened towns and were quick to consume the countryside, but the emporer’s army and his powerful magicians kept the dark forces at bay.

After several decades of bitter political squabbling, the two factions within the empire went to war. An uprising brought an end to the Emperor at the hands of an assassin’s blade. The great armies went to battle against one another to see who would seize control of power. All the while, great dragons roamed the countryside, and orc bands grew more brazen.

The greatest tragedy of the uprising was the destruction of the Grey Line, a powerful group of wizards who kept the empire safe. After their destruction, the forces of darkness spread rapidly. The armies of the empire, weakened from battling one another, were weakened by constantly battling the forces of darkness.

After almost two centuries since the Empire’s collapse, the great civilization is just a shadow of its former self. Darkness covers the land broken by city states of civilization. No longer ruled by an emperor or king, the cities protect themselves with their own standing army and powerful magicians. With no central authority, civilization is at a standstill.

OLD – Warcraftian background

The world is similar to our physically but does have plenty of magic. There are spells that summon, magic users that cast fireballs, and religious prayers that are answered.

There are dwarves, elves, halflings, and gnomes. The predominant human race is the typical white anglosaxon male. The different races were created by the gods in different places on the world. Over time, they grew their own kingdoms until finally meeting as allies or enemies.

There are two towns on this continent one with 12 families another with 25 families. There used to be many more people, but many were killed in a cataclysm.

The giant race once ruled the continent until human’s got in the way and caused a cataclysm.

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Main Page

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