giant race



There once was a giant race of people known as the Vanest. They were beings of magical power that lived on this Minan for thousands of years.

The Vanest were created by the gods to maintain the world on the continent of Minan. They were designed to help keep the forces that acted on the world in order for several millennia. These forces included fire, weather, and magic. They were a simple people who wove these forces together so that the world could exist on its own in balance. Once they had accomplished their task after 3000 years, they would slowly die out peacefully.

Unfortunately, humans sailed across the Great Storm to Minan which they should never have been able to accomplish. The humans arrived, met with the Vanest, and viewed them as powerful and almost spiritual beings who should be made allies.

The Vanest were not built by the gods to be capable of interacting with the other races. They were designed to run the world behind the scenes until the natural forces could run themselves. Then the Vanest would pass on naturally. Instead, two human cities were built on Minan with the help of the Vanest. Human scholars and priests were given access to the secrets of magic and how the world worked. The Vanest were corrupted by the humans picking up their more base drives of greed, sex, and violence.

The Vanest turned on themselves and the humans living on Minan. They lost focus on their duties and the world suffered a cataclysmic event destroying many of the people of Minan.

giant race

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